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RC Best remote control helicopter for the beginner -- Plane Talk, Issue #001
February 01, 2005

Remote Control Helicopter - Best Choice for Beginners


* RCPlaneTalk 2005
* Guide to Remote Control Helicopters
* A beginners best choice - Nitro or Electric!
* RC Happenings

RCPlaneTalk 2005


I would like to thank you for visiting This newsletter is dedicated to the RC hobbyist and the thrill of flying radio control airplanes and helicopters. So please be sure to read each issue, as it contains the latest info and tips on what's happening in the RC world.

In the coming months I will be giving you different ideas and tips on Best RC airplanes and helicopters to learn to fly on as well as tips on maintaining them and keeping them trimmed and ready for flight. You'll get the latest coupon offers etc...

Once again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to this wonderful and exciting hobby!

Happy flying!

Donald R.

Guide to Remote Control Helicopters

The first step any prospective RC'er should take is to get a good flight simulator. It'll help you gain the skills necessary for flying RC planes and helis. It will also save you a bunch of money if you crash on the Simulator.

RC Mini Helicopters are perfect for flying indoors. Although they are becoming all the rage these days, especially given the season, with snow in some parts of the country and freezing temperatures in others, they are not good for beginners.

Normally, I would stay away from micro electrics as trainers, because they tend to be the most difficult helis to fly. They respond to stick inputs and other disturbances extremely fast which limits your reaction time.

One exception to the above however, is the Hirobo XRB Lama. The new SR version (full r/c) is a lot of fun and it's especially good for the novice.

About the only thing that's breakable are the little foam blades, other than that, it's very cheap to repair. But as I mentioned above, practice on the simulator before during this.

I would not even think about flying it outside though unless it's a calm day.

I hope you have fun with the RC hobby, and please pass this email to your friends and mailing list.

Many thanks.


Best for Beginners - Nitro or Electric

No matter who you ask, you'll always get a different answer when it comes to choosing the best type of RC helicopter. Some will prefer Nitro, some will prefer Electric.

A good .30 size or .50 size electric is the best possible learning platform, Because it's more stable and its larger size and weight makes it less susceptible to the wind.

The JR Voyager E is a good .30 size electric and it flies just as good as a raptor, and it's about half the cost. A good 6000mah Lipo battery will cost less than many gallons of nitro over a year's worth of flying and will give you up to 30 minutes of flight time on a charge.

RC News

Some of the world's best pilots will converge on Toledo, Ohio in April for the 2nd annual ETOC "Electric Tournament of Champions" Contest.

Operated by TNT Landing Gear and sponsored by RC Universe & Fly RC Magazine, this event kicks off on April 1st, 2005 at the Harrison R. Waite High School.

The E-TOC debuted in 2004 and attracts the top freestyle pilots in the world.

These pilots compete with a wide range of electric planes for cash prizes. Truly a must-see event.

Contestants fly in 2-minute freestyle rounds musically choreographed.

Pilots entertain the crowd from takeoff to landing.

This year, E-TOC will hold competition on two days.

On the second day (Saturday April 2, 2005), attendees will get to see E-X Games.

These games are a competitive mix of racing and aerobatics staged on a torture course, all with indoor aircraft and very competitive pilots.

Checkout last years ETOC event.

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