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Starship Enterprise 

Starship Enterprise

Photo courtesy Backyardflyer

You can Build the starship enterprise using plans downloaded at backyardflyer.com. Being a delta-wing configuration, it is inherently stable. The laminated construction foam used on this rc model is very light but still strong enough.

The plane is powered by a 6V Mabuchi 380 motor with Gunther push-on 125x101mm prop. The battery used is a 7 or 8 cell, 600mAh Ni-Ca. Flights can last from 3 to 5 minutes depending on throiotle used. The plane responds to the controls well. High angle of attacks can be achieved with the Delta configuration, in fact, the starship can almost hang on the prop. Landing is pretty easy. Just make sure you have a enough battery power to do it. The model is a lot of fun. 

Everything you need to build the starship Enterprise is available as a PDF file at the above mentioned site.

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