For most modelers "park flyer" conjures up images of a mildly powered electric airplane floating through the park at a serene 15 mph. GWS is about to radically alter park flyer perceptions with their new semi-scale Zero Fighter park flyer. This fully aerobatic, almost-ready-to-fly plane is anything but your typical day at the park.

Outstanding Scale Appearance As park flyers go, the GWS Zero is by far one of the most scale ARF subjects we've seen. All its molded foam parts come out of the box painted in authentic green and gray Japanese WWII colors. 

Included in the kit, are black plastic cowl sports molded machine gun ports and a clear plastic canopy with adhesive strips to recreate the canopy lines. The decals that are provided are authentic as well.

In addition to the markings you would expect to be included (like big, red "Rising Sun" insignias), GWS has thrown in decals for tail numbers, squadron markings, and maintenance placards. Not a whole lot is left to the imagination. Once built, this plane looks like a Zero.

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