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remote control planes Jets and helicopters RC are one of the fastest growing hobbies around. And it's really fun too!

Who hasn't daydreamed of slipping "the surly bonds of earth" at the controls of a fighter plane or a pre-world war II biplane? Because RC planes are so popular these days, everyone seems to be getting into the hobby. You can learn to fly RC planes and helicopters, and if you really want to go fast, RC jets that zip along at speeds of up to 200 MPH are not unheard of. The best R/C airplanes to start out with are high wing over fuselasge types. These types of radio control airplanes allow the beginner to quickly get into the air.

Ready to Fly, Almost Ready to Fly or Kit?

I recommend the beginner start with a Ready to Fly (RTF) model that has a high wing over fuselage design. Most RTF planes allow you to get into the hobby with little or no building experience. In fact, most RTF model kits take less than a few hours from box to first flight. Get familiar with the terms of the hobby by checking out the RC glossary page.

Gas Powered or Electric?

After you determine whether or not you want an RTF, ARTF or kit, you're ready to decide whether it will be gas or electric powered. I recommend electric models for the beginner because all you have to do is charge the battery pack and you're off. For more on electric rc airplanes click here or here for gas powered rc airplanes.

Remote control planes, Jets or Helicopters?

Which model you decide to go with depends on whether or not you have any experience with rc flight. RC electric planes are the easiest to learn to fly. RC jets are a bit more difficult and should only be flown by experienced pilots. R/C helicopters take a lot of pactice to fly correctly and they're usually more expensive than remote control planes or jets.

Best Places to Buy Your Kit

There are many online hobby shops where you can buy the kit that you need, but these are the ones that I recommend, not only for their quality but for their service, selection and price. Most highly recommended hobby shops...

More Remote Control Planes, Jets and Helicopters

Manufacturers of Gas Powered and Electric RC Planes, Jets and Helicopters We list the top manufacturers of hobby quality gas and electric powered remote control planes, jets and helicopters such as Cox, Hobbyzone, Megatech, Sig manufacturing, hangar 9, Thunder Tiger and more.

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