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RC Helicopters, Tips on
Buying, Building and Flying Them

Flying RC Helicopters is more challenging than planes and will require some practice on your part, but the rewards are well worth it. Most pilots start out with an instructor or, at the very least, a good simulator to help them learn to fly. Due to the initial costs involved with the purchase of a helicopter, You don't want to crash that baby on your first flight.

RC Helicopter Kits or ARTF?

R/C helicopter kits are available as "full kit" (very few parts assembled) and 85%+ assembled, excluding the radio or the engine, basically assembled with engine, or complete (Nearly) RTF with engine, gyro and radio. Package deals which should include the engine, gyro and radio are usually the best beginner's setups. To learn the basic helicopter controls and terminology, Check out the helicopter ground school page. Mini electric RC helicopters for indoor and year round flying.

More RC Helicopters

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