Mini RC Helicopter

The mini RC helicopter, such as the Esky Humblebee pictured below, is getting more and more popular these days. They're electric, and they're perfect for the winter months, especially if you stay in some of the more snow laden parts of the country.

Esky Humblebee Mini RC Helicopter

These Remote control helicopters, unlike their larger gas powered cousins, can be flown just about anywhere, even inside. Imagine the freedom of flight indoors.

They're perfect for practicing hovering and landing techniques. The great thing about the Esky Humblebee is that it is perfect for the beginner to learn to fly on, and it can perform more advanced maneuvers as your skills improve.

Another great benefit of the Esky Humblebee mini rc helicopter is that it is a fraction of the cost of the standard size rc helicopter. And you get everything you need to fly in most cases for around $200.00 to $300.00. Compare that to some of the gas powered helis and we're talking about some serious change.

The Esky Humblebee Mini RC helicopter is quiet and requires far less mechanical knowledge to maintain, plus it's cleaner to operate.

A new mini helicopter destined to revolutionize the world of mini rc is about to appear on the scene. It's the Calibre M-24. It comes completely assembled, and includes training bars, and has a high performance flight control unit included.

Kyosho mini rc helicopter

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