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Best Models
to Start With

RC jets are very fast. For this reason, a novice flyer should not get into the sport without first acquiring some experience flying propeller driven rc planes, or using an instructor. This especially applies to the beginner just getting started in the hobby.

Usually the first plane that a beginner will lean towards is a sleek fighter or WW II jet but, take it from me, you will crash and burn on your first flight, especially if you're going it alone, without an instructor. So stick with the proven and best method of learning to fly, and that is something along the lines of a cessna trainer or a GWS Slow Stick ARF Park Flyer.

It's a sad Occasion when a beginning rc pilot flies his ducted fan plane into the ground completely demolishing it on the first flight because it got away from him. It can really get expensive. This is the reason beginners should only learn to fly using the proper trainer. They should master the basics of flying using a much slower propeller driven rc plane.

Which Type of RC Jet?

There are three types of rc jets. Ducted fan rc jets, pusher jets (they use a propeller on the rear to drive the jet) and, something that's been making waves recently in the rc world, turbine powered planes, the latter being at the top end of the hobby.

Ducted fan rc jets such as the F16 Fighting Falcon Ducted Fan electric RC jet uses a small high rpm multi-bladed fan engine that operates in an internal duct, and can deliver tremendous power (20,000 RPM or more) to drive the jet. They're really fast. You might also want to check out the F-86F Sabre jet.

Pusher jets such as the E-Flite ElectraJet EP Super Combo or the Megatech Megastealth have a propeller in the rear of the plane which pushes it through the air. It's much slower than the ducted fan jet.

Turbine powered rc jets are at the top end and can go very very fast (some as fast as 300+ MPH). These jets are actually scale versions of the real thing and burn jet fuel. They are also much more expensive.

Even if you have some experience with propeller driven rc airplanes, and you'd like to move up to jets, I recommend you start with the pusher model, because it's slower, and you'll have more time to react to any problems that may arise. Of course if you start with an instructor, you can basically learn to fly just about any kind of model.

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