F-86F Sabre Jet

The new F-86F Sabre jet ARF by Kyosho is a 39.5-inch-span, semi-scale warbird that comes as a complete package, including a pull-start ducted-fan O.S. .15 CV engine and fan unit, which's ready to install. The .15CV-DF is recoil-started, which eliminates the need for expensive starter adapter shafts.

F-86F Sabre GP DF w/O.S.

Included with the kit is a silicone coupler, manifold and tuned muffler that optimize performance by maintaining proper rpm levels. The specially designed, lightweight fiberglass fan unit generates high levels of thrust for standard take-off, "turn & burn" maneuvering and screaming, low-level fly-bys. 

The ducted fan F-86F is only for the experienced pilot and will challenge your piloting skills. Being a jet model, this baby likes to fly fast, so don't fly it at slower speeds, because it will get to a high angle of attack (AOA) quickly and will tend to spin. So you should make sure you keep your speed up. 

Assembly is fairly easy and straightforward. On a scale of 1 to 5, ease of build is about a 3. The center of gravity may be slightly off in the instructions but the kit contains a supplemental sheet which shows the correct C.G.

If you would like to buy this model, click F-86F Sabre GP DF w/O.S.

The Kyosho F-86F will take off in about 75 feet from a paved runway, using about 30% nitro fuel. If you want more power, go with Wildcat Promix 45% nitro content fuel. This is a simple and quick choice for more power because it raises the performance of the model without decreasing the life of your glowplugs. 

For still more power, you might consider ducting the intake and the tail pipe. 

All in all, the F-86 sabre jet ducted fan rc jet is of excellent quality and flies really well when properly trimmed.