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Building and Flying Battery Powered
Electric RC Planes and Helicopters

Electric powered battery packs supply the power required for electric r/c airplanes and rc helicopters. Here are some tips on getting started building, trimming and flying electric radio controlled planes and helicopters...

Lets Get Started!

I recommend the beginner start with electric rc planes. It should be a model that is very easy to fly, inexpensive, and nearly indestructible such as the rc firebird commander, especially if they are not going to use an instructor.

This plane is great because once you gain a little experience, you can set it to expert mode and experience the thrills of combat manuevering. It looks pretty cool too, and comes with a Sonic Combat Module which allows the pilot to zap another Firebird commander Combat Aircaft with sound waves that momentarily disables his opponents engine for approximately 8 seconds, but all control surfaces are still functional.

These r/c planes come ready to fly (RTF) with everything that you'll need to get it flying in one convenient package, including 2 channel transmitter, field charger, and battery pack. Also included is a handy instructional video and two sets of colorful decal sheets. All that's left for you to provide are 8 "AA" batteries.

If you're interested in WWII Warbirds click here for some of the most famous of that period.

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When searching for RC model airplanes online, also look for some common mispellings - RC Airpalne and RC Molde Airplanes.