RC Firebird Commander

RC Firebird Commander
Experience the Thrill of Combat!

The rc Firebird commander is perfect for the first time RC pilot. Learning to fly has never been easier.

rc firebird commander

The nice thing about the r/c Firebird commander is that once you have enough experience, you can set the onboard computer chip to the advanced level. The onboard computer will give you a more responsive control from the Smart-trak flight control system. The Firebird Commander is the only radio controlled airplane with this capability.

If you're interested in air combat, the RC firebird commander is the plane for you. It comes with an X-port so that you can add an optional sonic combat module and an airdrop module.


  • 2500 foot range
  • Powerful 380 motor
  • Video CD with flying tips and assembly instructions
  • One piece wing design
  • two modes, beginner and expert

All in all, it's a great airplane for first timers venturing into the world of RC.

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