Beginner RC Planes

Best Beginner RC Planes and
Helicopters for Beginning Hobbyists

Electric RC Planes

 If you're new to the RC world, you should start with beginner RC planes that are almost ready to fly (ARF) or ready to fly (RTF). 

The airplanes listed here are simple to control, they're quiet, and you can fly them just about anywhere. They're slow enough so that you'll have time to make corrections if you get in a bad situation. And they're perfect for flying in your backyard or at the park.

Nitro Airplanes

If you want to start with Nitro airplanes, one of the best ones around for the to beginner to start with is Nexstar select because it comes completely assembled with radio system installed and it provides ultra-stable flight, which is perfect for the novice pilot.


You'll need to get at least the following accessories if you're starting out with nitro powered RC planes:

1. A Field Accessory Pack - Consists of tote box, Manual fuel pump, extra glow plugs, 4 way glow plug wrench, glow plug igniter/driver with charger and a chicken/starting stick (HAN START).
2. Recoil Fuel Tubing (HAB 151).
3. Standard Fuel Tubing (DUB 222).
4. Fuel Bottle Cap Fittings (DUB 192).
5. Fuel Line Filter (DUB 162)
6. Twelve "AA" size batteries (FUG 4).
7. Nitro Airplane Fuel (POW 00037).
8. After Run Oil (PRA 7140).

Flight Simulator

Though nothing can take the place of spending time at the flying field, the G3.5 RealFlight simulator pictured below can help you become accustomed to RC basics without the stress. It will help you learn how a transmitter operates and how your radio inputs control your model airplane. The best thing about the simulator is that if you crash, you just keep trying.

G3.5 real flight simulator


Although using a flight simulator is good, the best way is to use an instructor, especially with a nitro powered model plane, because you'll learn faster and develop more confidence in your ability. Even better, find an instructor that has a trainer system, that way you can purchase a compatible radio, connect them both, and fly with the safety of having the instructor back you up in case you get in trouble.

This is perfect, because you minimize the risk of damaging your model. You can find an instructor by asking your local R/C hobby shop, or checking the yellow pages for flying clubs. Contact the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) by calling 1- 317-287-1256, or by writing 5151 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, IN 47302, or by visiting their website at and asking for the locations of rc clubs near you.

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