Nexstar Select ARF

The Nexstar Select is an awesome airplane that comes with a lot of innovative features that will help you learn to fly rc model planes quicker and with less mishaps.

The nexstar trainer has a flight stabilization system that will help you keep the model on a straight and level path. And some of the the aerodynamics advances (designed by NASA), help to prevent wing stall. To help the model fly more slowly, speed brakes are installed.

The Nexstar select comes with a lot of advanced features that haven't been included on any other trainer before such as:

  1. The wing is composed of a CenterCore Main Wing Rib. This rib aligns and mates with the wing halves. The aileron servo is also located here. Unlike most trainers, the Nexstar doesn't use rubber bands to attach the wing to the fuselage. Instead, it uses a unique PivotFlex mount which attaches the wing with a nylon bolt. This bolt cushions the wings on minor inpacts. If you have a major accident, the bolt breaks allowing the wing to separate from the plane helping it to escape major damage.

  2. Snapgear landing gear mount - The mount can be snapped into the the nylon mount in about 2 or 3 seconds. The gear is composed of duraluminum to absorb shocks.

  3. Speedbrake flaps - The speedbrakes are used to slow the model down to extremely slow speeds and high angles of attack.

  4. The newly devloped O.S. MAX .46 FXi engine is optimized for ease of starting. 

  5. The innovative isosmooth engine mount protects your electronics from vibrations.

  6. The automatic flight stabilization system is unique in that if you lose control, all you have to do is let go of the control and the Nexstar select will bring it back to straight and level flight.  

  7. Also comes with an Instructional video and Nexstar select version of realflight flight simulator.  

All you need to fly is inclduded with the nexstar, including a nice FM 4-channel radio from one of the best companies in RC, Futaba.

Once you learn to fly, you can expand Nexstar's flight capabilities by installing

dual aileron servoes and wing flaps. It's all in the manual.

Just follow the directions.

All in all, it's a super model for the trainee.

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