Turbine RC Jets

Turbine rc jets are sleek and very fast and will take RC to another level. Find out if you've got what it takes to fly them.

Turbine jet rc planes

Photos copyrighted by BVM Jets

Turbine powered rc planes are not for the novice. They are only for pilots who have accumulated a lot of flying experience with ducted fan jets.

Even though it is a very expensive segment of the rc hobby, turbine rc jets are growing in popularity because they sound and smell so much like the real thing. Planes and equipment can run the gamut and can easily approach the thousands of dollars. These things are definitely not toys.

Turbine rc jets can approach speeds of 300+ mph and they can get up to altitude very very quickly.

They also require precautions that are not normally associated with ducted fan rc jets. They use real jet fuel and the engines can get very hot just like the real thing.

To learn more about turbine rc jets, prices, kits and tips, go to BVM Jets.

Click here to see a great video of the turbine powered SR 71 Blackbird jet being put through its paces. You can also see lots of other jet videos at this site. You must have media player to view these videos.

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