Megastealth RC Plane

megastealth electric rc plane

Easily assembled in minutes without tools or glue, the Megatech Megastealth II RTF (3ch)is suited to advanced flyers only because of its design. Even advanced pilots should checkout the trim before attempting to fly this one.

Easily hand launched, it flies for up to 10 minutes before safely landing on any flat surface. A quiet, powerful Mabuchi electric motor drives the propeller through a precision gearbox unit, while variable speed and flight control functions are directed by the Pro-style transmitter.

The advanced R/C system provides solid control of the model at distances up to 1/2 mile away! The Megastealth's control surfaces are called "elevons", which function as both ailerons and elevators for the ultimate in precision flight control.

The Megastealth contains everything needed to fly, including a 3 channel transmitter, 8.4v 600mA battery pack and a 12v automatic peak detection charger that conveniently recharges the battery pack in less than 30 minutes. Only 8 "AA" alkaline batteries for the transmitter are required for completion.

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