Merlin Park Flyer

Megatech's Merlin Park Flyer RTF with Radio (FREE SHIPPING) delivers the enjoyment of slow flight with the convenience of a pre-built and ready-to-fly model. Simple to assemble in just minutes, the Merlin features a ball-bearing equipped gearbox with large 12" prop, battery pack, charger and 3 channel pro-style transmitter.

There simply is no easier way to get into radio-controlled model airplane flying with full 3-channel control than with Megatech ’s Merlin Park Flyer. The Merlin comes complete with 3-channel radio, servos, receiver, motor/gear reduction drive unit, propeller, rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) flight-pack and charger.There is nothing else to buy! 

With its big 44-inch wingspan and ultra light wing loading the Merlin park flyer truly is superbly suited for the first time flyer and, owing to its high maneuverability, can be flown in small open spaces in your neighborhood and close to home. It is an extremely forgiving slow-flyer and because it only weighs 15-oz. and is made of high nylon content flexible plastic and carbon fiber, the plane does not damage easily. But wait!Here ’s the best part.The Merlin can be built on the kitchen table in less than 45-minutes —without any tools! It ’s so simple to build anybody could build it!

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