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One of the most notable American aircraft designs of the early 20th century was the venerable Curtiss JN-4 Jenny. First designed to be a trainer airplane in the early days of the U.S. Army Air Service, the Jenny quickly became the darling of the barnstorming pilots of the post WWI era. It's ready availability low cost and forgiving handling characteristics gave these early day aerobatic thrill seekers the perfect combination for outstanding performance day after day. 

Sig Manufacturing's true to life design of this RC plane is a nostalgic look back in time to this great post WWI era trainer. 

The Sig Curtiss JN-4 Jenny ARF Park Flyer Super Combo is an electric rc plane designed for barnstorming. It's just a whole lot of fun! 

Another great model from Sig is the Sig Rascal  size .40 Gas RC plane. It was designed for the intermediate flyer, but its trainer like qualities make it just as capable for the beginner RC'er.

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