Sig Rascal 40 ARF

The Sig Rascal 40 rc airplane has a lot of flying capabilities and is visually appealing with its elliptical wing.

Radio Control ** SIG Rascal 40 ARF White/Red - SIG RC83ARFR With easy access to spare parts if needed, the Sig Rascal 40 comes equipped with a symmetrical airfoil, which provides superb handling at higher speeds. And its trainer-like characteristics are noticeably apparent during take-offs and landings.

The Rascal handles very easily, and it's easily capable of performing the usual aerobatic flying maneuvers including rolls, loops, inverted flight, stall turns, spins and knife edge flights. At lower flight speeds, altitude and climb/decent rates can be greatly controlled with throttle without making attitude changes. 

This plane is also great on the water. Sig provides rear float mounts in the fuselage area behind the wing saddle for installing floats. So you can take the Sig Rascal 40 on the water for some relaxing water flights.

Instructions for Balancing the model and setting control throws are pretty thorough. The manual is very helpful and in many respects, goes way beyond what's necessary to assemble the Sig Rascal 40 Rascal. By carefully reading the manual, the user can learn some things about assembly and model building techniques that should be of value in future projects.

Whats Included?

Stabilizers, elevators, fuselage, Wing panel, rudder, aluminum landing gear and wheels, figerglass wheel pants, a tailwheel assembly, fuel tank, spinner, control horns, an adjustable motor mount assembly, tubes and pushrods, servo mounting blocks,  miscellaneous hardware (standard and metric) plus comes with a very good assortment of easily applied graphics and decals, and a fully illustrated comprehensive assembly manual. Go from box to field in about 4 to 5 hours.

Additional Items Required

A 4 channel radio system with 5 standard servos for rudder/elevator/aileron and throttle operation 

1 pc. .40-.46 2 stroke or .40-.53 4 stroke glow engine 

1 Propeller

And get Off to a Great Start with Hangar 9 Start-Up Field Pack - It takes the guess work out of finding the right field accessories for the beginner.It includes all the support equipment necessary to get your model off the ground once you're at the field.

It features a sturdy cardboard construction Tote Box which includes:

A manual fuel pump 

Two Hangar 9 glow plugs 

4-way wrench 

Rechargeable glow driver with charger

Tools Required

Modeling knife with #11 blades
Screwdriver assortment
Pliers assortment
Drill with bits
Dremel Rotary Tool with bits