F-27 Stryker ARF

What's Included:

The F-27 Stryker kit from Park Zone (Horizon Hobbies) is a really great product. You just plug in the battery, which takes about 15 minutes to fully charge and you're ready for flight.

F-27 Stryker RC Airplane

It's one great charge and go RC plane! I don't recommend this plane for THE BEGINNER though, because it responds much too quickly to inputs and must be flown at all times.

Everything comes well packaged in the box and wrapped in styrofoam. Every component has a separate compartment. Most of the compartments are also protected by plastic bags. The extra decals and the manual also come in separate bags.

Whats Included:

8 "AA" Batteries
Quick-peak charger
Transmitter alkaline batteries

Instructions & Assembly:

The instructions are very simple and straightforward.

First, Install alkaline batteries in the TX. Next, charge the included aircraft battery, then attach the nose and the fins. Test the motor and control surfaces. Next, check mode change. Ensure you fly it on a calm day, and not much wind. Do a range test for the receiver and transmitter, and you're ready to go.

F-27 Stryker Stats:
Wingspan: 37
Length: 27
Flying Weight: 21 oz (580g)
Engine Used: 480 Power Direct Drive
Battery: 8.4v 900mAh Ni-MH
Flight Duration: 10 min
Channels: 3 porportional
Street Price: $162.00

Flight Characteristics:

A area of around two softball fields are required for flying the F-27 Stryker aircraft. It doesn't have a landing gear, the Stryker is launched by hand and lands on its belly.

To launch the F-27 Stryker, grab it by its hand-launch grip at the botton and advance the motor to full power, then throw her into the wind. The plane is fast, fun and agile. It flies similar to a ZAGI. Flying only on the lower rates should give you plenty of control throw for sport flying. Loops are big and round.

The F-27 Stryker glides really well at speed. When coming in for a landing, cut the power on the down-wind and make your turn to final very hard in order to bleed off some speed. As you get about a foot off the ground, start adding up elevator to flare, and the Stryker should be able to make a smooth landing.

The F-27 Stryker is a really fun, and easily assembled ARF from Park Zone. The advanced Mode Change Flight Control™ system enables pilots to choose between two flight modes with the flip of a switch.

Other Options:

You can get some friends together with their F-27's and get the Sonic Combat Module, and really have some fun shooting each other out of the sky in air-to-air combat.

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