This page will answer some of your questions about the best way to get started flying radio control airplanes. 

Where should I start?

The best way to start is by checking the local club in your area to see what planes they are flying before you decide to buy anything.  You can find a list of AMA chartered clubs at the Academy of Model Aeronautics website. These clubs usually have members that will be glad to help you learn to fly the right way. They can even assist you in choosing the right model to start with.

The AMA site has a wealth of information regarding the radio control hobby. The great thing about the AMA is that once you join you can get insurance coverage just in case you damage someone's vehicle or someone else.

What Plane should I start with?  

The best way to learn to fly RC planes is to get an almost ready to fly (ARF) plane. The reason is that these kits require very basic construction