P47D Thunderbolt

The P47D Thunderbolt electric ARF was a rugged and dependable airplane. Pilots who flew her into combat used to call her "The Unbreakable" or "The plane that can do anything." P-47s often returned safely from combat all shot up tattered wings. 

In fact, only 0.7% never returned from combat. This P-47D ARF appears to have a lot of the same characteristics as its big brother. It has a strong and robust airframe. And it's relatively lightweight. ALpa Models's scale model accurately depicts the famed Republic P-47D Thunderbolt of WW II.

The P47D Thunderboldt arrives almost ready to fly. The tail and wing sections are already assembled. All you have to do is place the decals, and install the motor and the radio. After about 2-3 hours, you're ready to go. It comes in a box that can be used to transport it to the field.

Extruded polystyrene foam makes the P47 thunderbolt surface harder and more resistant to chips and dings. The semi-symmetrical airfoil and symmetrical horizontal stabilizer help to give this airplane some outstanding flight characteristics.

The kit features: 

Wings, a fuse, A pre-painted one piece tail, pre-installed pushrods, servo micro-connectors, a pre-finished cowl, spinner and washer, velcro and decals.

Required Accessories:

A 3-channel radio and 2 micro servos, a speed 280 - 330 motor (your choice), an electronic speed control (ESC), a 3 channel or higher rx, a gearbox for the motor (5:1), a propeller and some basic building tools.

Assembly and Instructions:

Comes with a large foldout assembly instruction sheet which is very good. Also has a instruction leaflet that gives you some history on the P47D and guides you through the installation of the motor, radio, servoes and flight setup. 

It has some very detailed pictures, and important building tips. It even has customer service numbers with an E-mail address. The manual sets the standard for all other manufacturers to emulate. 

The P47D Thunderbolt looks and flies like a heavier warbird. The design of the wing on the P47D thunderbolt makes high speeds very stable and low speeds very predictable. It has a very low stall point so the pilot shouldn't be afraid of slowing her down when approaching the landing strip.

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