Aerohawk Mini RC Helicopter

Based on the Skylark, the aerohawk mini rc helicopter is Lighter and the chassis has been redesigned to prevent movement and flex. 

Many mini RC helicopters can be complicated and difficult to fly, but the aerohawk mini helicopter is easy to fly. Your choice of the Military body style (shown) or the police body style.

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Check out the Aerohawk Mini RC Helicopter in flight.

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1. Avanced electric circuitry eliminating 95% of necessary parts that make conventional helicopters fly.

2. Ease of assembly - Approximately 30 minutes required.  

3. Three state-of-the-art piezo gyros incorporated in each aerohawk rc mini helicopter. 

4. Fewer parts than standard size helis. Which means when you crash (and you will sooner or later) there are fewer parts to break.

5. It can be launched from anywhere: the dining room table, hover in the kitchen, a few spins around your living room, or wherever you want the aerohawk to go next then land it in the palm of your hand.

6. Ideal for enhancing your skills during those cold winter months.

7. 15 to 20 minute flight time on 5 minute charge.

8. Comes complete with full top quality RC Equipment, Charger and Battery. This rc helicopter comes already built and has a cool design, and long metal tail, along with with great speed and power. 

Length: 17 inches.

Weight: 18 Oz

Price: $209.99.

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