Alpha Trainer RTF

Learning to fly using the Alpha Trainer radio control airplane is a great way to start if you're a beginner. Because you can use the free computer software that is included even before you take it out of the box.

The plane assembles easily and the engine is very reliable and has a smooth idle. The gentle, beginner-friendly flight characteristics and ingenious 

Evolution Trainer Power System® makes the Alpha trainer the easiest-starting, smoothest-running trainer available.

Hangar 9's extraordinary Evolution Trainer Power System is test run and tuned at the factory so that a novice can easily get the ALpha Trainer flying right out of the box. No break-in period. No tedious trial-and-error with the carburetor settings. Just fuel it up and, with a few flips of the prop, you're flying.

No matter how gentle a ready-to-fly trainer's flight characteristics, learning to manage speed and power is one of the biggest challenges for a beginner. 

The Evolution system uses a specially designed, three-bladed prop that provides great climb performance and slower level-flight speeds at high power settings. The Alpha Trainer is a lot quieter too-nearly 4db quieter  than a typical 10 x 6 two-bladed prop. This adds up to a trainer that reduces the beginner's workload by letting him focus more on flying and less on managing the throttle.

Nothing can rattle the nerves when you're learning to fly like losing the engine in-flight because you can't seem to find the right carburetor setting. That's why the Evolution system uses a unique crankshaft flywheel that helps keep the engine running at low throttle settings by preserving crankshaft momentum. The carburetor settings are also limited to prevent relatively new pilots from making tuning mistakes.

The Evolution Revolution: At the heart of the its success story is the revolutionary new Evolution Trainer Power System. More than just another engine, the Evolution system is an innovative combination of propeller and engine technology specifically designed with the beginner in mind.

2. Needle valve limiters guarantee easy starting and reliable performance.

3. Remotely mounted needle valve for safe, easy adjustment. 

4. Flywheel system for easy starting and smooth idle.

5. Whisper-quiet three-bladed training prop for spirited performance and easily managed airspeed.


  • Completely built and ready to fly in minutes> 
  • Hassle-free Evolution Trainer Power System installed 
  • Top-quality J-Line Quattro radio from JR installed 
  • Super-stable, self-righting flight characteristics 
  • Compact .40-size airframe 


Assembly Time: Less than 1 hour<br>

Wingspan: 63 in (1600 mm)<br>

Wing Area: 710 sq in (45.8 sq dm)<br>

Length: 52.5 in (1334 mm)<br>

Weight: 5.25 lbs (2.4 kg)<br>

Radio: JR Quattro (installed)<br>

Engine: Evolution Trainer Power System (installed)

Learn more about what makes the Alpha Trainer such a great all around flyer.

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