Aspire EP RTF Sailplane

With the introduction of the new ready-to-fly version of the Aspire EP, all that's left for a modeler to do now is install the transmitter batteries, bolt on the tail, slide together the wing halves, charge the included Ni-Cd battery, and fly! The easy access battery tray allows packs to be swapped out in seconds.

The Aspire EP's excellent balsa/ply structure uses transparent violet UltraCote® in the trim scheme on the wings.

UltraCote is used to cover the Aspire EP RTF and makes repairs easy, not to mention practically invisible. It allows modelers to match colors exactly using UltraCote from their local hobby shop. 

The Aspire EP RTF is the most thoroughly equipped RTF electric sailplane ever designed. Completely assembled in less than an hour. 

Control is provided by Hitec's reliable Focus 3 single-stick RC system. 

The same 550-type electric motor and folding prop combination that's found on the standard Aspire EP is included in the RTF. 

E-Flite's sophisticated Maxx 25 proportional electronic speed controller regulates power to the motor. Hangar 9® even threw in a 6-cell, 1500mAh sport battery pack and 30-minute fast charger.

Everything is installed and ready to go. There is practically nothing left for the modeler to provide other than 8 "AA" batteries for the transmitter. 

The Aspire EP RTF employs a 3-channel Hi-Tec system that's pre-installed. You can count on getting about 8- to 10-minute motor run times form the 6-cell battery pack. 

Actual flight times will depend on just how good one is at finding the thermals. 

In calm conditions and a full charge, the Aspire EP RTF will climb at about a 20-degree angle. Cut the power, and the Aspire EP settles into a nice gentle glide slope that can take the plane quite a ways with sufficient altitude. 

Stall behavior, even in turns, is very tame. The plane practically recovers itself. 

Turns are neutrally stable. Just feed in enough rudder to achieve the desired turn rate and then release the rudder and use elevator to maintain the circle. The Aspire EP RTF is nice for first timers since it will allow them to focus on hanging on to the lift rather than struggling to stay in the turn.

The Aspire EP RTF will bring a lot more people into the sport of R/C soaring. 

Its mild stall behavior and solid stability, coupled with its completely ready-to-fly simplicity, make it a fantastic trainer choice too. 

Whatever the reasons, those with great aspirations to fly will find Hangar 9's Aspire EP RTF a fantastic way to get started. 

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