Cheap RC Planes

Cheap RC planes are good radio control planes to learn how to fly on. You can get a lot of flight time flying cheap rc planes. 

Once you get the flight time you need to be proficient at rc flying, you can then move into the larger and faster radio control airplanes.

Hey lets face it, If the thing costs around $99 for the complete ready to fly kit, and if you crashed it (in all probability) then you would not be out much money. Buying cheap rc planes to learn to fly is a smart way to go.

We've made a list of some of the best cheap rc planes below. Most of these range from $79 to $119. They all come in a complete ready to fly package including remote control transmitter. They make great gifts for amateurs and experienced alike. 

1. B2 Stealth Bomber RC Plane.

2. RC Tpys Transforma.

3. B4 Stealth Bomber RC Plane.

4. Mini RC Airplane.

5. Sky Lightning.

6. Firebird 3-Channel RC Plane.

7. B-29 Super Fortress RC Airplane. 

8. Dash 8 B-500 RC Airplane.

9. Stinger RC Airplane.

10.2004 Superior RC Airplane

11.Sea Bird RC Airplane.

12.Super Fish RC Airplane.

13.Dolphin RC Airplane.

14.J-Bird RC Airplane.

15.Eagle RC Airplane.