Kyosho RC Caliber 30 ARF Helicopter

The kyosho caliber 30 ARF Helicopter has the same Engineering as the 60 Size Caliber, but in a popular 30-size model that is mostly pre-assembled.

Kyosho RC Helicopter Caliber 30 ARF


Final Assembly is simple and straightforward and all linkages are pre-set. Like the .60 size Caliber, it comes with a 2-belt drive train that also reduces noise levels.

The newly developed clutch greatly reduces The effects of engine vibration, and the large fan allow better engine cooling.

Both an Electrical Mixing System (EMS) and Mechanical Mixing System (MMS) are standard, allowing for many different types of radios to be used and 120 degree CCPM provides precise control. The Caliber has reversible main rotor grips which allow for high stability for beginners or if you change them around you transform the heli into a capable aerobatics machine. Even in the aerobatics setup, the Caliber 30 is very, very stable.

A 10mm main shaft improves reliability, while a 6mm-shaft spindle shaft improves safety.

A Tail-boom mounted rudder servo makes maintenance and removal easy without losing trim settings. The Kyosho RC Helicopter Caliber 30 ARF delivers versatile performance, from stable flight to exciting aerobatics.

Compared to other helis, the Caliber .30 ARF is easy to operate and Fun to Fly!

One Kyosho ARF Caliber .30 Helicopter kit. This is an almost ready to fly kit, so it will not fly without the required equipment listed below.

6 channel Heli Radio with 5 servos
.30 size heli engine
6mm Hex starter shaft

Length: 43" (1095mm)
Width: 7.5" (190mm)
Height: 16" (408mm)
Weight: 6.4 lbs (2900g)
Main Rotor Diameter: 48.4" (1230mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.4" (240mm)

Helicopter - $289.00

Suggested Parts Required:

O.S. .32 SX-H Non-Ringed Motor $129.99
Futaba Radio 6XHS 6-Channel FM/PCM/4 S148 Servos $249.99
Futaba GY401 Gyro w/SMM Technology 139.99
Ultra Precision Fuel Filter 2.99
Futaba S148 Servo Standard Precision 13.99
Silicone Fuel Tubing Standard 3' 2.19
12 Volt Charger U/L Listed 10.99
TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12VStarter 27.99
Kyosho Main Rotor Blade Balancer 39.99


If you're a beginner or intermediate and you're looking for a well built and versatile RC heli in the 30 size class, the Kyosho Caliber 30 ARF is worth a serious look. The flight performance for a beginner is excellent thanks to the smooth stability of this heli.

The reversible grips that allow for a "training mode" option make this a great first helicopter. By simply putting the grips in the advanced mode the Caliber comes alive into a living, breathing aerobatics machine.

Add to all this the versatility of using either mechanical mixing or CCPM and the Caliber 30 ARF is an all around winner.

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