F-16 Nitro Jet RC Airplane

This ducted fan F-16 nitro jet RC airplane is only for the experienced pilot and will put your piloting skills to the test. So, if you're an experienced pilot who's seen and done it all, and want a thrill of a different kind, Kyosho's new ducted fan nitro jet RC airplane offers a new frontier in power and performance with a fresh challenge to your piloting skills.

Nitro Jet RC Plane

The F-16 comes ARF with color molded into the 1 piece fiberglass fuselage. It has a clear gel coating to protect the fuselage.

It's an easy build, (ease of build on a scale of 1 to 5, is about a 4). Kyosho has taken the complex building, cost and investment of time required by traditional nitro jet rc models out of the equation. All parts are pre-built and ready for attachment.

The nitro powered F-16 Fighting Falcon is a great plane and will get you to altitude quickly, I'm talking upwards of a few thousand feet.

It flies very well in level flight and gentle turns, but if you try to do really tight turns, watch out, for it might surprise you. It's made of foam with a fiberglass coating, which is a drawback if you crash it.

Overall though, the F-16 Falcon GP DF w/O.S. is a very cool ARF kit for the experienced pilot.

The fiberglass fan unit that comes witht this jet RC plane is very tough and can withstand the stresses associated with the thrust. The recoil started OS CV-DF engine is mounted in the middle of the fuselage to achieve the proper balance.

In order to fly this nitro jet RC plane You will need a 4-channel FM radio, and the Futaba 4YF Radio would be the perfect choice. You will also need 6 micro servoes, glow fuel and various accessories.

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