Xtra Easy 2

The Xtra Easy 2 comes with complete with everything installed and ready to go. 

Assembly is is very straightforward. You simply join the wing halves together then use the supplied clear tape to seal the joint and snap on an aileron clevis.

Next, you bolt on the landing gear, attach the fin to the stabilizer using two wing nuts, then connect the tail feathers to the fuselage using two bolts. 

The Xtra Easy 2 could possibly be the ultimate trainer. Its dimensions are larger than the standard .40-size model. It has a large wing span (69" and 793 square inch wing area). It's much larger than average. 

Which is good, because the more wing area there is the lower the wing loading. And this translates into an easily flown airplane with slow speed performances that make landings a breeze.

What's Included:

Included in the package is the JR XF421EX computer radio and Evolution Trainer Power System. 

All necessary radio programming for the Xtra Easy 2 has already been done at the factory, which makes it ideal for flight training. With the XF421EX’s ease of programming, its simple to customize and experiment with the trim of the Xtra Easy 2 as you gain experience. Comes with JR 537 Ball Bearing servos and the proven JR R600 ABC&W Receiver already installed.

Flight Characteristics:

A successful first flight doesn't start until the engine does. Yet many ready-to-fly trainers that claim to be for beginners come equipped with engines that demand a level of experience most beginners don't have. This is where the magic of the extraordinary Evolution Trainer Power System comes in. 

Next, attach rudder and elevator pushrod clevises, and that's about it. All other parts have already been professionally installed for you. All you have to do is charge the batteries and fly it. A complete R/C newbie should be able to easily assemble the Xtra Easy 2 in approximately 1 hour! 

A test run and tune up is performed at the factory on every Evolution system's engine, so that a novice can easily get the Xtra Easy 2 flying right out of the box. No break-in period is required and no tedious trial-and-error with carburetor settings. Just fuel it up and, with a few flips of the prop, you're flying. No matter how gentle an RTF trainer's flight characteristics are, learning to handle power and speed is one of the most challenging tasks for the beginner. 

Hangar 9's new Evolution system incorporates a specially designed, three-bladed prop that provides an excellent climb performance and slower level-flight speeds at high power settings. It's a lot quieter too--nearly 4db quieter than a typical 10 x 6 two-bladed prop. 

This all makes for a trainer that reduces the beginner's workload by letting him focus more on flying and less on managing the throttle.

Nothing can foul up your concentration when learning to fly like the loss of an engine in-flight because you didn't have the right carburetor settings. 

For that reason, the Evolution system uses a unique crankshaft flywheel that helps to keep the engine running at low throttle settings by preserving crankshaft momentum. Carburetor settings are also limited to prevent relatively new pilots from making tuning mistakes.

Other Options:

After you're finished with your training, you can bolt on one of the two following fun options and try some new adventures in RC flying:

Photo OP - Install a readily available inexpensive disposable camera, such as the Kodak® MAX™ or Fuji® QuickSnap™ Outdoor, into the Camera OP system and get a birds-eye view of your flying site. The Xtra Easy 2 fuselage comes with the mounting blind nuts already installed. Just poke through the Ultracote® in the bottom of the fuselage to install the two Photo OP mounting bolts.

Sailplane Launch - Attach to the top of the wing simply by using #64 rubber bands. This option can also be used to get any 2-meter or smaller sailplane into the air — a perfect match for the Hangar 9 Aspire EP. A great addition to any sport flier’s hangar, it makes sailplanes practical at any powered flying field since it eliminates the need to stretch out a Hi-Start or winch.

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