GWS A10 Warthog 

A-10 Warthog ARF with Ducted Fans

The A10 Warthog got its name because of its unusual shape. It was the very first USAF  jet specifically designed for close air ground support.  Because of the long wing base, the A10 Warthog could loiter for extended periods of time. 

The key characteristics of this airplane are it's it low and slow approach which allows it to surprise its prey. It was designed to take out ground targets such as tanks and many other types of armored vehicles. Since its induction into service in 1976, it has proven itself to be a formidable foe against all enemy forces, present and past, including the Gulf War and in Afghanistan.

The GWS evokes a certain patriotic pride with its new RC Twin Ducted-Fan Park Flyer, the first ARF to display GWS’ new twin EDF50 ducted-fan motors. It is highly maneuverable, so you are sure to enjoy its aerobatic performance and stability at the flying field, even in not so calm wind conditions.  The new GWS A10 Warthog Twin Ducted-Fan Park Flyer is a thrill to fly for today's avid enthusiasts.

This is an almost ready to fly (AR) rc airplane which means it will take some building and additional parts to get it up and flying. It is not recommended for the beginner.

Additional parts required are:



Servos (3)

Motors (2)

Speed Controller

Flight Battery


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